Mesdames Carton’s Winter Light

Blue-green algae

Blue-green algae

Just for the love of crocus

Just for the love of crocus


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Mesdames Carton ~Design Furniture & Lamps~

“Between dream & reality the kiss of imagination keep us alive…”

One summer, as I was trying to figure out how to express the outstanding beauty of New Mexico skies and landscapes a little “souvenir” rang a bell: a tiny shop in Paris with amazing furniture made from cardboard. I contacted Eric Guiomar, the designer and creator of the concept. He kindly gave me some tips and from there began my adventure with Mesdames Carton.

My furniture pieces are made of discarded cardboard salvaged from dumps or stores who allow me to pick through their dumpster. As an alternative to wood, the flexibility of cardboard is a gold mine for imagination since it allows almost any shape, any amused wink. I then cover these frames with a skin of acid free hand made papers from all-around the world. Finally, the lacquered finish gives the pieces a waterproof quality. Over the time, I have been mixing cardboard with recycled wood or Masonite: a yin yang formula, that works great and still keeps the lightweight quality of this furniture.

I am a petite woman and working with cardboard, a seemingly weak material, it is like a metaphor of my own exterior fragility. But cardboard can become incredibly sturdy with the intertwined structures I create inside, much like working on building my own inner strength.

Since my childhood, I have a special attraction for landfills. In these cemeteries, objects and materials which are abandoned, dirty, broken still have a memory of their own, some secret stories. I like the idea that my furniture are filled with these fragments of unknown feelings.

Along with the furniture, and nichos or altars, I create lamps with willow branches and hand made paper from Asia. Willows are amazing, they usually grow near the rivers but I gathered some as I was wandering on the path of the old  arroyo seco below my home on sand and rocks as if  grown on the memory of water.

Each lamp is one of a kind sculpture like, their organic touch, a try to capture the elusive wonder of nature, their soft glow whispering a haiku: these short Japanese poems inspired by fugitive emotions.

Clôdie Francois
Contact :

Phone # : 505 689 1194

Studio open all year round on appointment. Special orders & commissioned work welcome.

Also showing at “Taos Artist Collective”106 Paseo del Pueblo Norte inTaos, NM