* Autumn Gray, 
Communications Consultant/Strategist
, November 17, 2015

Clodie’s art represents those ethereal qualities of wonder, whimsy, and wistfulness taking physical form in furniture and home decor. There is no other work like hers. It is the epitome of creativity and soulfulness, as Clodie infuses each piece with her character and generosity of spirit. Her pieces are a joy to see, an honor to own, and Clodie is a person very much worth meeting if you have the chance.
* Autumn Gray, buyer, and admirer of Clodie’s work

* Suketu Bhavsar, 
Director, Kellogg Honors College at Cal Poly Pomona, 
October 23, 2015

Clodie’s art is magical. Her creations are unique and original, imparting a sense of an idealized piece of furniture from a fairytale, at the same time each piece is practical and sturdy. There is a sense of playfulness and otherworldliness in all her pieces. Colors are very beautifully intertwined. It is apparent that each piece was made with love and care. My house will be adorned with two of her pieces very soon. 🙂
Suketu was a client of Clodie’s

* Virginie Founès, 
February 9, 2015,

Les réalisations de Mesdames Carton sont en constante évolution, de plus en plus de sensibilité dans ses œuvres, de recherche et d’harmonie.
* Clodie was a client of Virginie’s

* Anne Terrail, 
Producer chez Sur le Pont, 
October 2, 2011

I have been following Clodie’s cardboard furniture work for many years and have seen it evolve. Her lamps and furniture are beautifully crafted, useful and with a twist.
* Inspired by the New Mexico landscape, filtered through her inner world, her work brings a personal and bright note into a home.
 Anne was a client of Clodie’s

* Mary D. Meredith, 
Owner, Gaia Products LLC
, September 29, 2011

Clodie custom-made a wonderful, door-sized 2-paneled screen for me after I visited her studio on the High Road to Taos Art Tour. She had many different types of works on display, all exquisite. We talked about the colors and dimensions I needed, and she produced such a perfect, sturdy, beautiful piece. It’s been a pleasure to have it in my home ever since.

Mary D. was a client of Clodie’s

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